Classical Bows
Classical Cello

There are many beautiful surviving classical bows for cello, though curiously most are English, especially by the Dodd family. All work very well, so the individual performer must decide on the basis of personal preference.


The Dodd shop in London was very productive in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. There are two original Dodd cello bows I copy, both excellent examples that play very well. One is snakewood! with an ebony frog, the second, my copy pictured here, is pernambuco with ivory fittings. Both are about 76-80 grams. Ideal for a wide range of classical and early romantic music.


The bow maker for the Betts violin shop was strikingly original. All models are lighter and longer than corresponding contemporary Dodd bows. The work is delicate and refined, with unlined tips and ivory frogs with the characteristic peg button. Pernambuco or similar light wood. Weight is between 72-75 grams. This model feels stronger than its weight would suggest.