Who owns Marvin bows?

I have been making Historical Bows for more than 35 years. I will say simply that my bows are everywhere that early music specialists and devotees meet. To anyone wishing references from performers throughout the world, please ask, and I will provide them.

I have always put a great emphasis on a musical familiarity with the musician for whom I work; in other words, to see and hear how the individual works with the instrument, and match bow to player and instrument. This has often been practical, as I work with many early music specialists. Of course, over the years many of my bows have become well known, and it is now often the case that I am asked simply to make a bow "like the one that .... owns." This is made easier because I have kept a detailed log of my bows over the years---models, weight and individual characteristics. Finally, I simply will not permit an owner of one of my bows to be anything but happy with his or her choice. I stand behind my work always, asking no charge for any repair, cleaning or restoration to a bow I have made, except for restoration after a catastrophic accident. My bows have consistently increased in value over the years and remain a fine investment, aside from their musical attributes.

"Stephen Marvin's baroque and classical bows have for over two decades displayed playing qualities of the first order. This, coupled with historic accuracy and meticulous craft make them first choice among many of today's leading period performers. For players accustomed to the remarkable creations of the great 19th century French bowmakers, Stephen's bows offer a treat to the eye, ear and hand."
Jaak Liivoja-Lorius, 2002
Noted violin and bow expert. Former director of Musical Instruments for Christies Auctions, editor of "The Strad" and member of Tafelmusik.

Thomas Georgi, specialist in the performance and history of the viola d'amoré, has a fine site, including photos and a discussion of the bow I made for him some years ago: (click "The Bow")

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