Modern Bows
Current Models

At present I only have a few of my models pictured. Others will appear when they become available to photograph.

"Francois Tourte"

Viola model after Francois Tourte. This silver-mounted example is made from dark bania. In this case I included the silver liner under the frog-which Tourte did not use. Not too heavy, about 69 grams. Strong and clear, but like to original, not super stiff.

"Francois Tourte"

Francois Tourte inspired, silver-mounted viola bow made from Satiné wood, somewhat more delicate and lighter, but very lively. Fossil ivory tip, with silk winding. Weight with hair 68.6 grams.


Viola model after Peccatte. This example is an octagonal, gold-mounted stick made from unusual stiff Wamara, with silk and gold tinsel wrapping. Original from Pernambuco. 70.5 grams. Finest playing qualities for the modern artist.