Prices, 2020-2024

True 17th century, violin and viola: US $2,000.  (Special offer continues)
Baroque bows, Locatelli, Stradivari, English models, etc.: US $2,400. -  With adjuster, $2,600.*

Betts, Dodd classical bows, all instruments (no fossil ivory):

Betts, Dodd classical, fossil ivory frog and button, all instruments

US $2,800.

US $3,000.

Early Tourte, Meauchand classical models, violin, viola: US $3,000.**
Modern bows, all models, violin, viola, cello, silver: US $4,400.
14K and 8K Gold mounted modern bows, all instruments: US $5,000. (Rose and Palladium White)

*Note: All baroque models are made with historical clip-in frogs unless a hidden screw mechanism is requested. Price is +$200. for special design screw frogs. Screw and button available for Locatelli model short bow, and all 18th century  long pattern baroque bows, but not available for True 17th century model.

**Tourte, Meauchand and other classical model bows for all string instruments can be made without fossil mammoth ivory as well, based on surviving original bows. Price is reduced to $2,800.  I never use elephant ivory.

Bows purchased in Canada, and not shipped outside if Canada, will normally be the same numerical price, but in Canadian dollars. The province of purchase requires that I collect HST for the province to which the bow is shipped or purchased.

--I will be making a very limited quantity Mokume gold mounted violin bows. Mokume is a special laminating process for precious metals yielding extraordinary color and pattern. My examples combine White, Yellow and Rose 18K Gold. Price: $6,000.

--I welcome requests for restoration of old bows, replacement and copies of damaged parts, and most importantly, I replace ivory tips with metal or shell.

--*Finally, please note that I have recently developed a business relationship with Carriage House Violins in Newton Upper Falls, MA, and also with Carolyn Foulkes at Perrin and Asscociates, Baltimore, both in the US, where you may find some fine examples of my bows.